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Scary, different from anything we’ve ever been through. This virus is indiscriminate when it comes to who it infects. It has no preferences except it wants to live like the rest of us, and will replicate in anyone it can; old, young, rich, poor, democrat, republican, smart, dumb, human or tiger or even domestic animals. Ranging from no symptoms, to mild, to death, the consequences of contracting this thing through negligence, stupidity, or wishful thinking, is like playing Russia Roulette.

So you will not automatically get a mild case with no residuals but you might, or automatically a bad case with permanent lung damage but you could, or maybe a clotting disorder with amputation like that poor broadway 41 year old actor, but it…

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Prostate Part 2

Dear Readers, The following is Part 2 of my lengthy, but I hope informative articles on a very common problem you guys, and gals of guys worry about. Take care of yourselves, and always check with a Doc before doing anything about a serious matter such as prostate health. Best of luck, Dr. Jo


By Joanne T. Gjelsten, Chiropractor

Prostate Part II Things To Consider Doing

Whether for good health, preventive maintenance, or for the newly diagnosed, Information is good to have, but do all with Doctors advise and knowledge. This is not by any means a complete list of all that can be done, but it's a start for those bewildered by the enormous amount of information out there. Good luck to all who have to deal with…

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Prostate Part One


The ABC'S of Good Health

By Dr. Jo Gjelsten


Ok I'm gonna get it right out there. Rectal exams. No don't go away, ya big baby, just read on and learn a thing or 2 from Dr. Aunt Jo, so you can be well informed and look cool at the same time. Nobody wants rectal exams, unless they do, go figure. This is a Two Part Article. Part One follows, and Part 2 in April will deal with Nutritional Support for those dealing with Prostate Cancer Risk, which is about 1 in 7 men. Most, especially if it hasn't spread out of the prostate (100% survival after 5 years), won't die from it, but if the cancer has spread found outside the prostate the survival rate is about 29%, so while the risk is small, early detection is crucial.

Most guys…

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To My Readers

Dear Readers, 

Please see this website for future columns. Thank you so much for you wonderful feedback and compliments for the last 20ish years for the column I wrote in a local magazine.  

Dr. Jo

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Warm Up With Something Hot Hagar!

 The ABC’S of Health

By Dr. Jo Gjelsten

Warm Up With Something Hot Hagar


I hate to be cold. But, Norwegian that I am, I love to get out into the great outdoors, in any season, especially this one, where I get to go downhill at 70 mph on two flat boards, a wing and a prayer. Why we Scandahoovians like to do this may, or may not have had something to do with how much glogg got passed around at Yule, Yul. Now, especially when I ski, I wear a helmet which I wish came with horns so I’d look the part whizzing past all trees. Glogg, pronounced glug, (ugh) is the guttural sound one makes when drunk and asking for Smmmore Ghrer ghahgg?

Winter drinks, designed to keep us warm, well most of them, is what I’ll talk about this month since I can’t…

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Make America Morally Healthy Again

The ABC'S of Health
By Dr. Jo Gjelsten, Chiropractor
Breaking the Boil, Make America Morally Healthy Again!

As I write this article in December for January of 2018,  here we are as a nation, in pain from the diarrhea of almost daily revelations of sexual abuse, abuse of power, towards both adults and minors.  The nation and the world are sick from this.  Time Magazine's Person Of The Year are “The Silence Breakers”, those who spoke up. Going on for way too long, despite years of reporting it, “and yet it went on”,  it is beyond hurtful in ways perpetrators and even victims are not aware of. A monster sized festering boil has, at long last, been broken as women are voicing their “me too's” which spread to 85 countries in the first…

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The ABC’S of Health & Nutrition

By Dr. Joanne T. Gjelsten


One of 3 native fruits originating in North America that were previously unknown elsewhere, along w/blueberry and Concord grape it was named by pilgrims “crane berry” because the flower resembled the Sandhill Crane (bird).

The lst known use of the word “cranberry” was in 1647 by missionary John Eliot who said “please pass the cranberries Sarah” probably at Thanksgiving. The first Americans (native that is) dyed fabrics and, it was said by somebody or other, healed people with cranberries, which we second Americans used to prevent scurvy on long ocean voyages; thank you yet again you first Native people.

The very first successful cultivation of cranberries was done by…

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Pumpkins, Pumpkin!

The ABC’S of Nutrition & Health

By Dr. Joanne T. Gjelsten, Chiropractor

Eat Your Pumpkins, Pumpkin!


Thanks to the Native Americans, who showed the pilgrims how to dry the pulp for its use year round, we have a wonderful vegetable known as Pumpkins, Peter. From the French word “pampion” or sun baked squash, or Greek word “pepon” or melon, Native Americans boiled it, roasted or stewed it, used it for mulch, and to keep raccoons away from corn crops. Just imagine, Native Americans throwing pumpkins at the raccoons. No, the raccoons just didn’t develop a taste for pumpkin with their corn. The early colonists mixed it with corn meal for bread, made pudding, employed it for headless horsemen, and stored it for winter use.

There are several…

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The Abc’s of Nutrition & Health

By Dr. Joanne T. Gjelsten




People who wake up with their nose in their coffee because they're so fatigued that caffeine is a drug of choice, SHOULD get checked for medical problems. Too numerous to list here, they MIGHT be, for instance, and in no particular order of importance, or even orderly, side effects of medications, a big one, thyroid disorders, diabetes or pre-diabetes, sleep apnea, infections like Lyme disease or it's co-infections, or something else like a virus, or any number of things. Some people may have a negative Lyme blood test, which, if you’ve been awake as you read my columns you know, can mean either the patient doesn't have it, or it…

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With first order, free 15 minute discussion with Dr. Jo regarding nutrition. Just call the office, 845 358 2687, box 2, leave a message and Dr. Jo will be happy to return your call.

The most absorbable glucosamine. Great for RA patients! Easy to use powder form!  30.00 plus 10.95 shipping, or stop in and pick some up! Not for patients who are sensitive to shellfish.  To open, use a spoon and lift up secure tab.  Shake well before using each time. Dr. Jo uses this every day in her green tea. Slight sweet taste. Good for diabetics as it has no effect on blood sugar. Easy to use!DISCLAIMER

The products and…

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