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Muscle Testing

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Applied Kinesiology - Muscle Testing Technique

What is Applied Kinesiology ?
“AK” for short.

A special technique used by some Chiropractors and other professionals, such as Dentists, MD’s & Psychiatrists.

Dr.Jo uses AK and medical muscle testing, conventional chiropractic examination. Physical and history to guide her diagnosis and treatment.

Applied Kinesiology Benefits

• Finds meridian deficiencies.
• Explores your own acupuncture meridian deficiencies.
• Reveals your muscle weaknesses
• Balances your muscle strength
• Explores Nutritional Problems
• Can reveal emotional connections or blocks to healing.

Dr. Jo has been using AK for 17 years, and looks forward to showing you this amazing technique!

SOME RESEARCH RE: AK, GO TO http://www.kinesiology.net/research.asp

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