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We the Sheep

The ABC’S of Health

By  Jo Gjelsten,  Chiropractor

“We The Sheep”

We just got back from the great state of Maine, where the lobstahs are plentiful and the coffee, at least at our favorite cafe in Camden, was a real eye opener.  Another eye opener, as I almost cried, in fact it did get very cranky, after driving many hours to get there, I was disappointed to find out that Acadia National Park, owned by us citizens, was not open due to the “Sequester”. Closing down, or delaying the opening to a National Park really helps us as a country, um, do what? Well, in this case, it kept all those folks, like the disabled we saw there, who’d like to climb the mountains, or even walk the carriage roads, if they could, away from the thrill of seeing the view from atop Cadillac Mountain, saving the country a bundle don’t you think? Nice. Somehow our self centered politicians found the money to pay the furloughed air traffic controllers just in time to avoid delays when our self centered politicians took a break from doing less than nothing for which our self centered politicians are paid more, much more than most of us, to get their self centered asses on a plane and not have to wait in line. But they must keep the budget on the front burner when it comes to day care; let’s not waste any money on that, or on meals for seniors or the disabled as spending our, or their it would seem, precious air traffic controller money on that will delay getting our self centered politicians from getting back to doing less than nothing, for us, who they work for, which we have forgotten, because they really work for themselves, and those who give them the most money. We, you and I, are under-represented. We, the majority, put up with this. We the sheep, (who stick our faces into our cell phones, like ostriches into the ground), ignore this and by ignoring, we get what we deserve in politicians. Years ago someone on the radio said “what you accept, you teach”. And boy have we accepted this, and I wonder if it’s irreversible, human nature being what it is? We have accepted that getting outside (and  into our National Parks) is not a priority, so our kids are getting fat, having high cholesterol before they become teens, and losing social skills, or using them to abuse each other through the anonymity of online interactions. I picked up a brochure about Outward Bound in my Maine Café, and saw pictures of fresh faced kids climbing and hiking and helping others. Troubled kids, whose worlds opened up when they were taught outdoor skills, whose confidence soared after learning leadership skills, who may be tomorrow’s leaders.   Those are the kids who, when they realize what a smelly world we’re leaving them, will hopefully finally fix campaign finance reform. Might they also elect politicians who put duty to country before duty to their wallets? I hope they figure out how to do that. We, so far, have not. Case in point? Here’s one I just can’t help but point out to you, and that is, forty five Senators voted to block a bill, and a lobby (who would benefit from this) spent at least $8,165,490 to support their campaigns. And this is just one bill! Do you think money had nothing to do with this vote? Are we that naïve?  In “Walking Across America in My 90th Year”, Doris Haddock called attention to campaign finance reform, and made some headway, but the Supreme Court decided that large corporations were in fact, people, so all those miles that 90 year old hero walked, so that we could all get behind her, fat and out of shape that we are, was for nothing. She inspires me still though, and since I have a voice here, I’m throwing my 2 cents in this month to remind us all that we are in a really toxic place when it comes to our politicians. There are some very good ones, but it is beyond obvious to me, that it seems to me that the only way anyone in this country gets any power at all to legislate, or become President, is to get financed to run a campaign by those whose only reason to provide that finance, is power. Power to influence laws in their favor.  Power to prevent laws, laws protecting us, from hurting their own bottom line.  It is toxic to us and to our children. This is bad for everyone’s health my friends.  Money rules, not “we the people” anymore; more like “we the sheep”.  There are exceptions; but they are just that; exceptions. Ok, I had to say it. How’s your summer going? www.GoDrJo.com

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August 10, 2016
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Joanne Gjelsten

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