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Spring Cleansing

The ABC’S of Health By Dr. Jo Gjelsten Spring

Cleansing Spring.

Time to clean our clocks, or our tickers won’t tick, and our bongs will go bonkers. Time to “plunk your magic twanger Froggie” and detox your lock box Lars. Ok enough of that. Who needs to cleanse. We all do. Last summer Paula and I did a Purification Program so that we could become nuns, or pure, whichever comes first, lost weight, and felt 10 years younger. They asked for ID when we went for beer. Ok I made that up. Our program wasn’t cheap, it wasn’t simple, it wasn’t the easiest thing we ever did, it ain’t for sissies, so don’t do it ‘ya big wuss. It worked so well we’re doing it again this spring to put a spring in our steps. It consists of a diet, supplements that cleanse the liver, kidneys and colon: your semi-colon; and Colin Powell. Your toilet will be amazed. Why did we do this particular one? Because a famous person told me it worked for her, and I believe everything famous people tell me. And I have been using Standard Process (SP)for 14 years, so I trust this company that’s older than I am, and that’s old, Olga. Toxins. You already know they’re everywhere we are, and you can’t get away from them as they also reside in the body. Natural toxins like carbon dioxide and ammonia aren’t broken down. We filter toxins through the liver, kidneys, lungs, intestines, a Kleenex when we smoked as kids to look at the black stuff, and the lymphatic system. Given the assault of poisons we have to process 24 hours/day, you’d think you’d change your own personal oil, metaphorically speaking, more often than you service your cars! No. We all know that old saying, garbage in, garbage out, as in no energy, or put another way, toxins in, toxins stay in and make you sick; more like it. Get the lead out guys, and do something to, uh, get the lead out! Here are some advantages to cleansing you may not have even thought of: If you have problems with, but not limited to, but could be limited to, you decide, it’s your body not mine, get on with this already Dr. Jo, headaches, any aches, fatigue, difficulty sleeping, digestive and other GI disorders, gas bag, immune challenges, allergies, food cravings, weight gain, reduced mental clarity which means you have no idea what I just said, or libido that’s a quart low Larry, then you may benefit from getting Pure, Poopy. Your body can heal itself, given the right set of circumstances, like good nutrition, and lower levels of function inhibiting toxins, says Dr. Jo when she’s not eating ice cream with a Vitamin C chaser. Your SP program, should you decide to accept it, consists of special supplements for cleansing called, oddly, “SP Cleanse”, consisting of 20 whole foods and botanicals, plants and herbs that help your body to “efficiently remove both metabolic and environmental toxins”. “Gastro-fiber” for, you guessed it, gas; no, for fiber support. (I love it when my fiber is supportive). It’s loaded with psyllium, (a natural laxative with an extra silent “p” for no good reason I can think of,), apple pectin which stimulates intestinal bacterial enzyme activity and has anti-cancer properties, fennel that promotes healing of the gut, and fenugreek which research shows can delay carbohydrate digestion thereby promoting insulin activity. There’s “SP Green Food” to keep you green Kermit. Oh and it has phytonutrients that are vacuumed dried to preserve enzymes and nutritional compounds, grown in soil “laden with minerals and nutrients” Really bio-available whole foods, the best you can buy, like everything I use and recommend to my patients. Hey, it’s the only body you have Hillary. And you get to shake with “SP Complete”, a nutritious supplement shake with ingredients made from organic farming. This all accompanies a secret diet that you need a special signet ring and a secret handshake to crack, and there you have it. What can you expect? At first you want to kill me, but then you’ll love the way you feel. You may also experience a drop in blood lipids; if you’re serious and committed. I can show you an (anonymous, of course) example of a blood test where my patient who complained of fatigue, had a cholesterol level that went from 230 to 198, whose LDL went from 144 to 104, and their energy came back up. We also had noticeably more energy. You’ll definitely lose weight as we did. What else may happen? Improved digestion, the economy will improve, better sleep, clearer skin, a shiny coat, and happy feet may happen to you. The program comes with a tear-off shopping list, a Daily Intake Journal, a Patient Guide with FAQ’S, Shake recipes, Salad Accents, a Toxicity Questionaire to get a load of your toxic load, and of course the really healthy food supplements. Quite a bit. We loved it, are doing it again, and will be talking more about it April 25th, with samples, for our event. Check my website at www.GoDrJo.com under events Ed. Happy cleansing, Colin! Copyright 3/9/2009. The Abc’s of Health 


NOTE: Nothing in this article should be construed as medical advice. It is informational in purpose only and taken from numerous readily available articles written by physicians and researchers. For medical advice consult with an informed physician.



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