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North to Alaska for Salmon


Ok, where would ‘ya like ‘ta go Sarah?           


The helicopter lifted slowly pitching forward just a little, as we, clad in over-boots, life jackets, earphones, and smiles started our flight to the glacier, along the blue green fjord, slowly rising up over the mountains to the right, then across the water and up, up and over the mountain like an IMAX movie in slow motion, the ground just below cresting a ridge, and now we are dropping over, looking way, way down there below us!. Ahead our eyes feasted on multilayered terrain of greens and browns and white-capped mountains and then, there it was. With pieces of the front broken off, showing us blue like you’ve never seen blue, our destination. Our pilot barely touched the ground and we were there, walking on a glacier in Alaska! Blue ice, cold, brilliant tasting! Fantastic; you must go. Too soon we had to go, but back a different way, our young pilot pointing out eagles, and just before we landed, we saw salmon wriggling upstream near the helipad where two bald eagles stood together talkin’ lunch.  Salmon are so abundant in Alaska.  To name the five main varieties, we’re taught from an Alaskan, you put up your hand and use your fingers to remember them. Thumb for Chum, pointer finger to sock you in the eye, Sockeye, middle finger is King, ring finger has Silver, and pinky for Pink. So, Chum (aka dog salmon with teeth like Fido, pale yellow meat), Sockeye the most valuable, (aka reds, the color males become when spawning), King (largest, only 1%, up to 100 lbs, average 22lbs.,  aka Chinook), Silver (aka Coho the third largest, often sold whole), and Pink (smallest, most abundant and least valuable, sold for canning) are all kinds of salmon up there in our 49th state. Omega 3’s from fish oil are an essential part of my day, not because I like taking capsules, though I don’t mind. Your body can’t make them, you have to take them. Catchy.  They’re from Norway, my Dr. Jo’s O’s, where my Norwegian relatives who are visiting at the moment inform me that it’s big business there. They eat a lot of fish too, and if you saw how young they look you’d be happy to take fish oil. Your body can’t make them, you have to take them. The American Heart association recommends eating fish.  And it ain’t called brain food ‘fa nuttin’!   Hopefully, your brain is comprised of lots of DHA, a component of my Dr. Jo’s O’s, but your body can’t make them, blah blah….uh, blah. If ‘yo Momma didn’t take them you may have nerve and vision problems. Essential fatty acids, or EFA’S, the subject we’re on right this second in case you happen to be a quart low, are famous for reducing INFLAMMATION, a very bad word unless  it isn’t, and in some cases you need to be inflamed to heal, but what do we do? We stop inflammation, the good kind, then some Doc has to re-inflame your joints to get them to heal properly. What an idiotic way to get better!?!??##!!!...???? Prolotherapy does just that Matt, but I digress, what a surprise. Fish oil, aka EFA’S, aka, Omega 3’s, can counteract the inflammation that stinks from our lousy diets of meat, dairy and shellfish, all of which are precursors to inflammatory compounds called prostaglandins. Fish oil is a precursor to ANTI-inflammatory prostaglandins. And since inflammation is a huge contributor, we now know, to everything horrible that happens to humankind, cancer, now including breast cancer according to a recent study, heart disease, autoimmune problems, arthritis, the oil spill, and extra charges on my bank statement, salmon, or sardines, or goldfish, ok not goldfish,  might be a fun way, if it’s not farm raised because the fish and the pigs can’t get along, E,I,E,I, O, you do yourself and your body, should they be one in the same, a favor, Florence! Your body can’t make them, you have to take them! Copyright 8/11/10.

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August 11, 2016
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