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Lutein Seeing

The ABC’S of Health

On Seeing & Being Seen

By Dr. Joanne T. Gjelsten

We need to see, and be seen. Does everyone see us as we really are? Probably not. Let’s look at some aspects of seeing; from an experiential  point of view and its benefits to your health, to a practical thing I do, (and you can too);  a supplement I take each day to help me see better, so I can drive without glasses without scaring the scat out of your cat. 

How many times have you been calmed by just looking at something? Recently, as I was obsessing over something stupid, my eye caught the achingly beautiful light of an object of art made from a shell, in our Cape Cod magazine.  I looked at this gorgeous object and at an amazing turquoise bracelet on the same page, that someone had poured their creative juices into, and I was pulled in; becalmed. It took me away from my angst, Angie. “This is my next article”, I thought; why we need to see and be moved, in a good way, by art, music, and talented performances.  We need it. Why? The only explanation is that it must be healthy.

So we need to see and to be seen. To find that thing that gives us a sense of who we are, or perhaps revisit who we once were. We need to see, or touch, or feel or hear, something other than those objects in everyday life. Something intangible that speaks to us on some other level. Our contact has to be healthy, has to benefit us on a cellular level, or we wouldn’t do it.  Catch the recent Ice Sculptures at Rockland Lake?  Makes you feel good to look at them, and see them being made, doesn’t it?  It’s about Art, Art, artfully accomplished, that resonates on a level that hasn’t been measured. Yet. Would someone please measure this? Is anyone listening?  Yes, in fact, “New clinical research is quantifying the health benefits of the arts, from pain relief to faster recoveries.” Hospitals are adding art galleries and allowing patients to put art up on their hospital room walls.  Medical Art Therapists are singing “Old MacDonald Had A Farm” to kids in one Florida Hospital to help them through tough procedures.  E I E I O to them, I sing. To myself. Speaking of kids, “Listen, Do You Want to Know a Secret?”…transports you to a time of carefree youth…though now, (unless you live in Russia, where The Beatles Are Still Gods, even today, where they love “Yesterday”), an elevator may be the only place where you’re hummin’ along to the mopheads.   I get pulled in again to the art of this song for two reasons; it takes me to a place in ways I can’t go by myself, as the Cape art does; the music is better now that I’m older; it soothes my soul. Of course the fact that I can remember the words is nice too, except when I start singing out loud.. But don’t you visualize your younger self (unless your name is Lindsey, or Jason, or Josh, or Truck)  as you’re listening to an old song, and see yourself in ways you didn’t then, or maybe haven’t in a long time?

Ellen Burstyn told us, while chatting with Lorraine Bracco last November at a benefit for a local library, that it was by “being seen” by her acting teacher, seeing her as she is, in a way no one had, that brought forth the actress as the self-assured woman she is today, no matter how painful it was at the time. Of course to put my 2 cents in the seeing thing, I told Lorraine Braca, meeting her briefly after the event, that I could see her as the “new Colombo”; she just seems the type. Brilliant but street smart. So she smiled and turned away, making me realize how she saw herself exactly in that role. Yeah.

Ok, your “authentic self”, Oprah, as opposed to the self we present to the world, if let out of the closet, can be as liberating to you as it was to Ms. Burstyn, who had a lot of help from someone famous. But if you stick with someone who sees you as you really are and loves that person, then you have a healthier relationship. I am one of the lucky ones who fall into that category, but I also help our seeing eyes along with something you probably don’t eat every day, but  we do, and that’s Marigolds, hahaha, sorry, the visual struck me funny, which yields Lutein (loo tee in) for your peepers, Peeps.

No we don’t graze on marigolds, but ingest them in capsules from a good source that I provide for me and whoever would like to protect their maculas and more, Mack.  The reason I use this particular product is because it is 6 times more absorbable than ordinary Lutein due to the particle size that is reduced to a molecular level and a patent pending delivery system, a good thing, as I see it.

DO NOT eat marigolds you buy for decorations in the fall or any time at all, as they’ve been sprayed with toxic chemicals and don’t call me if you do, cause they’ll make you sick and probably worse, my friends.

Here are the facts, ma’m, about lutein and zeaxanthin (zee a zan thin) and I quote because they said it as well as I could, although I underlined the parts I’d like you to remember.  “Lutein is an antioxidant carotenoid that occurs in nature with zeaxanthin, a closely related carotenoid. Lutein and zeaxanthin concentrate in the eye’s macula and lens, as well as in the skin, breast and cervical tissues. Both lutein and zeaxanthin protect the macula from degradation normally associated with aging and oxidative stress. The macula is responsible for focus and color differentiation. Lutein and zeaxanthin are found in dark green, leafy vegetables. While the average American intake of lutein is only 2 mg per day, other population groups consume from 6 to 20 mg per day.” And that would be our pet rabbits for instance who likely get 20 mg/day.  The lutein/zeaxanthin combo I give to my patients has 20 mg of lutein and 1 mg of zeaxanthin per serving, and we have been taking one per day since the product came out about a month ago. The Lutein I take is available through my website; use the address bar please, at www.GoDrJo.com, where you’ll see this and other articles and information. I already see better, and am typing this article without my glasses, Alice.

UPDATE on Dr. Jo (see last article:  Went skiing this week (with a helmet) without glasses, and saw myself getting home safe, so here I am seeing myself cross country skiing later today on the rail trail after this big dump of snow. Who out there sees themselves downhill skiing during the week at Windham, sunny days only, or cross country on a weekend day, with Dr. Jo?   See if you can make it, ‘ya see! drjog@optonline.net .  Lovin’ my Lutein, Lola! Remember, focus and color differentiation. Save the Macula! Copyright Feb. 12, 2009.


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August 11, 2016
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