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Hikes and Walks


As with any physical activity program, it is recommended you
speak to your physician before starting.


See below information. Dr. Jo recommends them highly!


About the Guided Walks:
· Pre-registration for all walks is suggested.  Call: 845-708-7307
or e-mail rcamericorps@co.rockland.ny.us.
· All walks are rain or shine.
· Participants should wear proper footwear (closed-toe sturdy
shoes such as walking shoes/boots or sneakers) and clothing
(light-colored) and seasonally appropriate attire such as a jacket, hat,
or gloves depending on the weather and bring along binoculars, water,
sunscreen, a snack, and walking sticks if desired.  Hiking boots
· For more information about the trails visit
· For more information about the guided walks call 845-708-7307 or
e-mail rcamericorps@co.rockland.ny.us.
· Guided Park Walks are sponsored by the Rockland County Division
of Environmental Resources, the Rockland County Youth Bureau’s
AmeriCorps program and the Rockland County Department of Health’s
Steps to a Healthier Rockland program.

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