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Here Comes The Sun July 2013

The ABC’S of Health

By Dr. Jo Gjelsten

Here Comes The Sun…!


So sang the Beatles, and since this article is for July, I’m a bit late, but better late than never; I never say. I am fascinated by news about how to protect skin from sun damage, given that I come from a long line of Norwegians who, as far as I know, back in the pillaging days of the Vikings, didn’t stop to put on sun screen with octyl-methoxycinnamate methyl-benzophenone and ethyl-methyl-bethyl-deathyl, Ethyl, and other tasty items, before going out on a raid. “Thor, give me der Copper Tone, I’m starr-ting to luuuke like Errrickk!” No. I think not. Yet Eric “the Red” may have been really red, from sun or Aquavit, or both. Of course these guys had so much facial hair, not to mention all those ruddy muddy faces, who knew how many UV rays got through to begin with. But the land of the midnight sun had to have something to protect all that fishy flesh, so I pondered this and got a little info for you guys, which never really answered my question, but only I may be interested in how, in the olden days, Norway protected it’s skiing and fishing and outdoorsy folks which comprises oh, only about 99% of the population. So what may have protected these square heads (yes, in Norway, for some reason they’re called square heads, beats me), anyway? Had the Vikings pillaged in Peru, Petter, they might have slathered on extract of Maca (oo-maca-maca-maca). Why? Well, “Recent research at the University of Peru found that Maca extract actually outperformed the commercial SPF 30 sunscreen as far as protection. Although the exact mechanism of protection is not known it is hypothesized that the plant’s polyphenols and glucosinolates may play a part in the protection from UV radiation.” While there in S. America, perhaps those party animal Norskies threw coffee at each other, maybe enough to cover their skin, as caffeine has been shown in some study somewhere they study, to kill off skin cells that could become cancerous, Kjell, pronounced Kschyieiyeiyelll, or as we like to say, “Chell”, because we make it simple stupid. No, not you. But those refined barbarians who preferred green tea could also have benefitted by heaving tea at each other. Why? By, (as has been found out in another studious study), reducing “UVB-induced damage at cosmetically usable concentrations. “ And we all know how the Vikings loved their cosmetics. Or, those rascals could have smashed around in the bushes called Polypodium Leukotomos (PL) which they pronounced, “Fern”. Some like to call it the Calaguala Fern, (perhaps named for those who are allergic and the sound they make when they puke it up) because that’s its other name, not to be confused with Caligula, who the Vikings spit on. Those Vikings didn’t know it, but “Oral administration of (Poly blah blah) is an effective systemic chemophotoprotective agent (which is a 20 letter word you can win scrabble with) leading to significant protection of skin against UV radiation”, hmmm? So no wonder they got up on their polypodium about this. How else might our Vikings have avoided sunburn? Maybe they rolled around in Milkweed, as, according to the United States Dept. of Agriculture who probably saw this first hand out in the fields of Boring, Oregon , or Cranky Corner Louisiana, (both real names), found. “Milkweed oil has been shown to cover up to 370 nanometres which is nearly the entire UV spectrum. “ Who knew? Advantage? “ The oil is biodegradable, so when it gets washed off unless you’re an unwashed Viking, it will be broken down.” If Eric and Thor ever got to Romania, they may have found out about the following: Title of Study “Photoprotective effect of Calluna vulgaris (Dr. Jo says, aka Heather, Heather) extract against UVB-induced phototoxicity in human immortalized keratinocytes”. So after they blasted these “forever skin cells” with UV radiation at cyto (cell) toxic doses, enough to kill them, surprise, there was a reduction in DNA damage, and more of those cells pretreated with this vulgar calluna extract lived. In another study, handsome hairless hapless mice using both the Calluna vulgaris and BM, yes, BM (the Burgund Mare variety of grape seeds) extracts were slathered on each-others backs, because they’re so thoughtful that way; the results showed the BM actually outperformed the vulgaris as far as antioxidant activity was concerned. In a similar study, mice were given oral doses of grape seed extract, (Vitis vinifera) and then exposed to enough UV radiation to cause skin cancer, because they just love their lab animals in these labs. Those supplemented had a reduction in tumor incidence and size, compared to the un-supplemented frowning mice. It was also found that the (oligomeric) proanthocyanidins (OPC’S) from grape seed extracts reduced chemicals known to suppress immune function, and increase those which enhance immune function. (OPC’S are available for my patients.) The un-supplemented mice could not be reached for comment. They’re probably hiding out in Lick Skillet Tennessee, or Greasy, Oklahoma by now. Uff Da! By the way, if you are pregnant or lactating, which we have to assume those guys weren’t, but you never know, DO NOT take any of this stuff without the guidance of a professional healthcare professional whose profession includes but is not limited to Alternative or Complimentary Medicine, Dermatology, Nutrition, or Car Mechanics. www.GoDrJo.com Copy it right!

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