Gjelsten Chiropractic

Gjelsten Chiropractic‚Äč

Gjelsten Chiropractic in Chestnut Ridge, NY provides quality care to patients through the expertise of Dr. Joanne Gjelsten.

At Back to Health Chiropractic, our goal is to provide exceptional Chiropractic care in a friendly, relaxing, unhurried environment. We are dedicated to the well being of every patient, and each patient is treated as an individual. Please feel free to contact us, (PLEASE DO NOT EMAIL OR TEXT MEDICAL INFORMATION OR PERSONAL MEDICAL OR NUTRITIONAL QUESTIONS) we promise to do everything we can to help you. You may know that Dr. Jo has been a columnist in Nyack's Rivertown Magazine for many years. She is an expert in nutrition and Applied Kinesiology, and enjoys writing articles that educate and entertain. Check out some of her past articles under the tab, and more recent ones on individual tabs at the top. A reminder... PLEASE DO NOT EMAIL OR TEXT MEDICAL INFORMATION.

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