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With first order, free 15 minute discussion with Dr. Jo regarding nutrition. Just call the office, 845 358 2687, box 2, leave a message and Dr. Jo will be happy to return your call.

The most absorbable glucosamine. Great for RA patients! Easy to use powder form!  30.00 plus 10.95 shipping, or stop in and pick some up! Not for patients who are sensitive to shellfish.  To open, use a spoon and lift up secure tab.  Shake well before using each time. Dr. Jo uses this every day in her green tea. Slight sweet taste. Good for diabetics as it has no effect on blood sugar. Easy to use!DISCLAIMER

The products and…

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Coconut Oil Article

The ABC’s Of Health

By Dr. Joanne T. Gjelsten


We just came back from the land of palm trees, Florida, enjoying 85 degree temps and relaxing on the beach.  Why we came back I don’t know, but here we are, shivering through Dec. as I write this, my January article. Good think I like skiing, I sometimes say. Well, what we did miss while were away is our daily breakfast of steel-cut oatmeal, coconut oil, lecithin, fruit, nuts, stevia, chia seeds, wheat germ, flax seeds, the kitchen sink, 12 swans a swimming, and how great we feel on this stuff.

Coconut oil is a complicated mixture of saturated fats. Like butta, only more complicated. Butter and coconut oil are saturated, meaning they are solid at room…

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Thermography Article

The ABC’S of Nutrition & Health

THERMOGRAPHY What you should know, from Dr. Jo's info. taken from Dr. Rowen, MD, who knows what he's doin'!!!! Here is his article wonderful article!.

"Thermographic Breast Screening – A Safer, More Effective Alternative Most physicians continue to recommend mammograms for fear of being sued by a woman who develops breast cancer after he did not advise her to get one. But I encourage you to think for yourself and consider safer, more effective alternatives to mammograms.

The option for breast screening that I most highly recommend is called thermographic breast screening. Thermographic screening is brilliantly simple. It measures the radiation of infrared heat from your body and translates this…

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Click on article on Lutein/Seeing (in menu), preview for March! Dr. Jo
LUTEIN info at end of article. Synopsis below.
What does Lutein do?
Lutein is an antioxidant carotenoid that occurs in nature with zeaxanthin, a closely related carotenoid. Lutein and zeaxanthin concentrate in the eye's macula and lens, as well as in the skin, breast and cervical tissues.* Both lutein and zeaxanthin protect the macula from degradation normally associated with aging and oxidative stress.* The macula is responsible for focus and color differentiation. Lutein and zeaxanthin are found in dark green, leafy vegetables. While the average American intake of lutein is only 2 mg per day, other population groups consume up to 20 to25 mg per…

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Lutein Seeing

The ABC’S of Health

On Seeing & Being Seen

By Dr. Joanne T. Gjelsten

We need to see, and be seen. Does everyone see us as we really are? Probably not. Let’s look at some aspects of seeing; from an experiential  point of view and its benefits to your health, to a practical thing I do, (and you can too);  a supplement I take each day to help me see better, so I can drive without glasses without scaring the scat out of your cat. 

How many times have you been calmed by just looking at something? Recently, as I was obsessing over something stupid, my eye caught the achingly beautiful light of an object of art made from a shell, in our Cape Cod magazine.  I looked at this gorgeous object and at an amazing turquoise bracelet on the same…

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My Fibromyalgia

First of all, do you have Fibromyaliga? Fibromyalgia is a painful debilitating condition that we see in this office and treat with an effective approach using proven therapeutics designed by Dr. Jo.

After determining the cause of your painful, exhausting problem, a treatment tailored to the WHY of your condition is implemented.

To treat the symptom without determining the cause doesn't work.

What you can do: 

  1. Call the office to make an appointment.
  2. Bring all records of what has been done before for you that has and has not helped, including all supplements and medications so Dr. Jo can record what has been done and what to do next, based on your personal story.
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My Back Pain


Let Dr. Jo's analysis of your problem reveal the cause of your back pain. In many cases, Dr. Jo has found a weak muscle and will correct it or improve it with Applied Kinesiology!

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Neck Pain

Why does my neck hurt? 

Dr. Jo will ask you:

  • When did it start, how long have you had it?
  • What makes it better or worse?
  • How exactly does it feel, burning, shooting into the arm?
  • What has been done before, if anything?
  • What is your health history?
  • Does it hurt at different times of day?

Hidden causes may include an undiagnosed weak muscle which can allow for abnormal movement of the head, which will be checked in the office by Dr. Jo, and remedied on the spot in many cases to help you heal.

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Why are my fingers numb

Why are my fingers numb?

Finger numbness can be from one of many conditions. Diabetes, nerve impingement are only two, but carpal tunnel can also cause numbness.  In older folks, especially if coming on suddenly, it can indicate vascular impairment, such as a stroke. ALL numbness should be checked by a health care practitioner, but if it comes on suddenly, get to an emergency room!

Dr. Jo will endeavor to determine the cause of the numbness, and recommend an appropriate referral or treatment plan.

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Why do I feel so inflamed


Why do I feel inflamed?

Tissues of your body become inflamed for various reasons, and in my practice I see that inflammation can cause pain everywhere.

The key is to find out why.

The "Why" can be from, and this is only a partial list:

  • Large waist size
  • Gluten intolerance
  • Allergies to specific foods
  • Undiagnosed Lyme or coinfection of Lyme
  • Undiagnosed occult infection
  • Thyroid problems

Dr. Jo will do Applied Kinesiology to find out what foods/supplements you aren't tolerating or are sensitive to. She will order special blood tests to rule out some of the causes listed above.

Inflammation is a dangerous thing to have. A special blood test can be done to see how inflamed you are, and how your treatment changes its values over…

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